About Us


Sometimes life deals you a hand that you do not want to play and you much rather throw your cards back in the deck and reshuffle but we all know life does not work that way. The cards I was dealt brought uncertainty, doubt, frustration, irritation, bitterness, anger, sadness, self-pity and just plain unhappiness. Its crazy to believe that all of those feelings soon lead me to a turning point in my life that eventually lead to clarity, understanding, healing, happiness and purpose. To know my WHY, is having clarity and understanding of my PURPOSE. 

While attending college at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Tx. I use to officiate football, basketball and baseball for the YMCA , Jr. High Schools and High Schools in San Angelo and surrounding areas. One Saturday morning I was officiating a Youth YMCA football game and I was the Line Judge which mean I was one of the officials on the sideline. The Quarterback pitched the ball to the running back it was a sweep to my sideline and the running back broke a few tackles and made a few other defenders miss and then he was off to the races. I turned on the jets and was running down the sideline next to him as he continued to run towards the end zone and to my surprise the youngster was faster then I anticipated so I turned my jets into sonic boom. As I continued to blaze down the sideline I heard a pop in my left knee and immediately felt a pain and it was excruciating. The jets I turned on instantly ran out of rocket fuel  and I went from a sprint, to a slight trot, to a walk, to an all out complete stop while bracing my left knee with both hands thinking to myself O GOD what just happened. Needless to say I was done officiating for that day.

In my mind I thought I just strained the ligament, so I started rehabbing my leg but the pain never went away so I was forced to seek medical attention. I got x-rays and there were no broken bones so the next step was an MRI and it reveled I tore my meniscus. Surgery was necessary so I proceed to have it and my surgery was botched. Tens of thousands of dollars down the drain not to mention time off work, the misery of being limited physically and the pain. This was the point when darkness started to set in because for the first time in my life I could not do the physical activities that I loved. I soon sought out another doctor to see if he could help me fix the problem. I found one and he performed an X-ray and MRI on my leg and after reviewing the MRI he informed me that the only surgery at this point that would offer me a life free of  pain was an (HTO) High Tibia Osteotomy which mean he would brake my tibia reset it and add plates and screws to stabilize and secure it. The kicker was even though nothing was wrong with my right leg I would have to get the procedure done to it as well that way insuring both my leg was be identical. The doctor recommended that I get one leg done let it heal then get the other one done. I told the Doctor I would much rather get both done at the same time. He said I could do that if I wanted to even though he does not recommend it. I then thought about it was a second and made the decision to go ahead and have the surgery on both legs at once. After getting my affairs in order I scheduled the surgery. 

I remember on surgery day getting prepped and my doctor coming in to talk with me about the procedure and then asking me if I would like for him to say a prayer with me and of course I was like yes sir so he did and I was moved by the act of kindness because never before had a doctor ever asked to pray for me so I truly felt that I was in good hands. Soon after the IV tech comes in and tells me that he is going to give me a little martini (his words lol) meaning he would start the IV and give me just a little medication to relax me but not put me to sleep at this point. He then begins rolls me back to surgery as he continues to talk to me and monitor me. We some make it to the room and I notice he starts touching the IV and then he administered the full dose of medication to put me asleep for the procedure. I soon feel the effects of the martini (as he calls it) intensifies as he starts to ask me questions about random things. I started communicating back until I drifted off.. 

The next thing I remember is waking up in so much pain. It was a pain that is hard to describe, something that I have never felt before and something I would not wish on anyone. It felt like an out of body experience, like I was out of my body looking at myself in the hospital bed suffering and there was nothing I could do about it. I had morphine tubes in both legs and I was on the max of every pain medication I was allowed and still the pain was unbearable. I spent 4 days in the hospital in pure agony questioning God why me and also questioning myself what the HELL have I done agreeing to this surgery. Now its time to be released from the hospital and go home to recover. Both my legs were in metal braces which prevented me from bending them and also kept my legs intact. Now its time for the trip home so we let down the back seat in the SUV and I was placed in the very back to ride 3 and a half hours to my home just laying down on the hard surface with a couple of pillows which in all honesty severed no purpose and did not help in the least. Let me tell you the trip home was not planned out very well. The journey home begins, the meds begin to ware off and the roads where bumpy and my legs would jump off the surface with every bump or pot hole we would hit in the road. Finally after an hour I told my wife to pull over at a store because I could not take anymore and the pain was so bad I felt like I was not going to make it and I felt so vulnerable because it was just my wife and I. I was thinking if something bad happened how would I be able to protect my wife as well as my self  and the answer is I would not be able to and that hit me like a ton of bricks. Never have I ever been in such a position of helplessness. I was in so much pain I was thinking to my self if someone robbed us and threaten to kill me I would tell them please do me that favor. I did not have a death wish nor was I suicidal but the pain I was experiencing was greater then asking for my life to be spared or just simply die.

A three and a half hour trip nearly took six hours because my wife had to drastically drive slow and make frequent stops to the nearest corner store just to give me a break. To see my wife helpless, crying and in pain because I was in pain and to know that she was doing everything in her power to make the drive home comfortable for me as she possibly could but nothing helped. Finally we made it home and I was in so much mental and physical anguish all I could do is call on JESUS. It took 4 people to get me out of the truck and into the house. I got settled on the couch because our bedroom was upstairs and there was no way I could make it up there. The next three months tested me to my breaking point. Going from a strong, healthy and active guy that was very independent to a guy was was bed written with two broken legs, mentally drained and frustrated and physically inadequate. I could not do anything for myself and I was on an emotional decline. I felt like an infant baby because when it was time for me to use the restroom I needed assistance to get from the couch to the wheel chair, from the wheel chair to the potty chair and if that was not bad enough mentally on me, after doing my business my wife had to wipe my butt. I had to repeat the same process when it was time for me to bathe. We put a small plastic pool in the kitchen area because it was the only area that did not have carpet and my wheel chair would not fit through the bathroom door. A chair was placed in the pool and my wife had to bathe me.

Going from a man that was very independent and now being solely dependent on others was very hard for me. Mentally and physically I was in a dark place because my wife and I also had an infant baby girl at this time and anyone that has kids know how challenging that could be at times not to mention my condition was like being an infant because I was so dependent on my wife. My wife defiantly was my rock because without her I would not have made it through. My son, mother in law and father in law played a huge factor in my recovery as well. After about three months of not being able to walk and letting the bones in my legs heal it was time to start my rehab and learn how to walk again.  So I started rehab and I did not realize the journey I had in front of me.

To learn how to walk again, I never thought it would be so challenging because in my mind when the time was here I would just jump out the wheel chair and do what I have done all my life without giving it a second thought but to my surprise that did not happen. My mind was like jump up and walk but my body was like no sir its not going to happen and to mention I started off in the pool. They strapped a harness around my body and a machine lifted me out of my wheel chair and into the pool and I still had such a hard time and needed assistance. That first day of rehab I was on a mental high because in my mind I knew I was going to walk today because being bed written for over three months and being in a mentally and physically paralysis had took its tole. At that very moment when I was lifted in the pool and I was standing but holding on to the side rails for support and my trainer told me to take a step and I knew instantly after attempting my first step my rehab would be a marathon not a sprint because I did not know how to take the first step. My mind was telling me how but my body was doing something different and not to mention the pain my body was experiencing. I was devastated, I was on a mental and physical rollercoaster.

The weight that I had gained through being inactive for the three months did not help at all. I think I gained over 60 plus pounds and going from at that time a physically fit and active guy to a inactive and now over weight guy that can not walk or do the essential things for myself. I was in a dark place because I am facing life in a position physical and mentally that I have never been before. I was down and out and questioning God and feeling down and out so I started to pray and I called my Mom and she prayed with me and she said son where is your faith you know God can and will all you have to do is ask and then believe. I so did, I asked God to heal my body and give me the strength I need mentally and physically I need to overcome my situation. So I started putting in the work at rehab one day at a time, one foot in front of the other slowly but surely making consistent progress. I remember one day coming home from rehab and talking with my wife about getting back in shape, losing the weight and reclaiming my life and I had an epiphany about starting my own fitness clothing brand that could inspire other that are going through mental and physical hurdles in their lives. She told me that I should do it and that is how MAJOR FIT APPAREL was born. The reason behind the name Major Fit .

(MAJOR) Live life to its absolute potential, live everyday like its your last, give 110% in everything that you do, set Goals, take risks, make no Asscuses, and Xecute with every fiber of your being. 

(FIT) There are (6) components of a persons life that needs to be fit. Their HEART, BODY, SOUL, MIND, SPIRIT and their LIFE. Once these (6) components are FIT you will be able to break through WALLS, BARRIERS, LIMITATIONS, FEARS, FALIURES, DOUBTS and FRUSTRATIONS that comes with an unhealthy perspective on life.

Our logo is a (6) pointed star that represents your HEART, BODY, SOUL, MIND, SPIRIT and LIFE. When all (6) components are FIT it opens up and clears a path that embodies you to LIVE LIFE MAJOR.

My journey has taught me to live in the moment and enjoy life everyday because tomorrow is not promise. My Mental and Physical Wellness is the key attribute to a healthy and productive life. My health is the number one asset that I possess and I will do everything in my power to protect it and keep it Happy, Health, Thriving, Strong and Prosperous. No matter what challenges life throws at me I am a fighter, I will not fold, I will not quit, I will not surrender, I will rise, I will succeed, I will conqueror and continue to LIVE LIFE MAJOR. 


- Jason Franklin